Top 7 places to visit and shoot in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Seems like another planet and it has all the main elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. 

I've been in Iceland 7 times and I cannot get enough of it. 

The nature you are going to experience is just amazing.

If you are traveling in Iceland for a week or just for a few days, I hope this guide of the best places of Iceland will make your trip smoother and more exciting.


Here is my list of the top 7 places in Iceland to visit once in a lifetime.


1 Place to visit in Iceland: Vestrahorn

This is by far my favourite place in Iceland. You will find this gigantic mountain reflecting on a thin layer of ocean water laying on a dark beach. 

If that's not enough for you, you will find these tiny black hills of sands with grass on the top. 

This is worth the entire trip to Iceland. 

The vestrahorn is about 7 hours driving from Rejkyavik.

Check out my map of the best places in Iceland to discover more hidden places nearby the Vestrahorn.



2 Place to visit in Iceland: Kirkjufell

The Kirkjufell Mountain is considered the kind of Iceland. It's on the North west side of the island. It seems an hat and the most iconic view of this mountain is from the waterfalls in front of it.

It's really easy to access this place, the parking slot is 200 meters away from this point of view.

2 best place to visit in Iceland: Kirkjufell mountain


3 Place to visit in Iceland: Jokulsarlon

This place is unbelievable. There is this immense glacier whose icebergs are breaking into the lake. Pieces of Icebergs of (visible) size of 10 times a car floating the lake before getting into the ocean.

You can hike the hill nearby to get a better view above the lake.

iceland Jokulsarlon lake with icebergs

4 Place to visit in Iceland: Diamond beach

Not far away from the Jokulsarlon lake, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset by the edges of a beautiful black beach with laying tiny pieces of icebergs. 

In fact the smaller pieces of icebergs breaks into the ocean passing through a small channel under a bridge. 

From here the ocean push back some of them on the beach. This is the amazingness of this process in one picture.

black beach Iceland best place

5 Place to visit in Iceland: Vik black beach

Another place you cannot miss out is the incredible black beach near the city of Vik. This beach with rounded black stone and gigantic ocean waves can be very dangerous and beautiful at the same time. 

The trolls standing there in the middle of the ocean give to the place a magical touch. 

There are also the basaltic rocks where you can stand. This is definitely a place you want to go while in Iceland.

Black beach Vik in Iceland
Vik black beach

6 place to visit in Iceland: Seljalandsfoss

These fascinating waterfalls (foss means waterfalls in Icelanding) let you walk beyond the water flow. They are gigantic and when you will get there you will almost get used to the amount of waterfalls you have seen.

These are one of my favourite since you can go around the flow and enjoy the sunset with s spectacular view.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall to visit in Iceland


7 Place to visit in Iceland: Skogafoss

Another waterfalls to visit while in Iceland are the Skogafoss. It's huge and even taller than the Seljalandsfoss. It will gift you an amazing view from above but even from the ground. You can get really close to it (wear some sort of water resistant jacket).

This is definitely a place to go for me.

Skogafoss waterfalls in Iceland


If you want to get more of them with juicy details on how to get there, parking, and tips on the hikes, get access to the Iceland best map.