Transitions +10.000.000 🌳
Transitions +10.000.000 🌳

Transitions +10.000.000 🌳

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Yes, you have read well.

€10.000.000 for this picture.

And this will be the most expensive picture ever sold.

You are wondering what makes this picture so special to be priced 10 million euros.

Well, this is the answer: the mission behind.

Few people are taking real actions for the most important thing we have in this world: the world itself.

With the Amazon that is burning this matter is even more important to me than ever.

I felt impotent facing these pictures of the burning Amazon. Now it’s my time to move forward and take action.

What’s the story behind the picture?

I’ve been in Iceland and explored the disappearing glaciers and I know that one of my life mission is taking care of the environment.

"Transitions" is one of the most representative pictures I’ve ever taken regarding this matter.


These icebergs coming from the Jökulsárlón glacier are melting on the black beach. I’ve taken this picture after visiting one of the disappearing glaciers in Iceland.

The guide showed us the mark of the missing ice on the mountains. The volume of the missing ice is impressive. And we (humans) lost that ice only in the last 20 years.

When the warmest temperature hit Greenland in July this year I knew I had to move forward.

This is why Transitions has been chosen for this cause.

Because when this will be sold as the most expensive picture in the world, everybody will know why.

The #MostExpensivePicMission has also the highest price tag ever put on a picture ever because the price tag we will pay if we don’t take several actions will be higher.

I always shared the beauty of nature through my pictures but now this has to evolve in a better outcome and a defined mission.

I always thought: someone else will take care of it.

And I know you did the same. 

I have a solution for you, read until the end to discover what I'm talking about. 

The mission is clear: reducing pollution of the globe to improve our future.

This is why 100% of the revenue coming from this sale will be invested in planting new trees and removing waste from the ocean.

Every picture sold will finance the same mission on and on.

You are not only buying the most expensive picture in the world, but you are also becoming part of the change this world needs to let our future generations have the same beauty we are enjoying every day.

You will have the proof on your wall that you care.

You care about your children’s future.

You care about what’s important: our home.

Unless you planned to move to mars of course.


If you think about someone else is going to care about, now you are right, we are going to take care of it.

But we need your help with the mission.

How can I help?

If you cannot afford this picture but you still want help, check the other pictures that are supporting the mission: dreaming, change, movements.


If you cannot support economically, share the mission with your friends and colleagues and be part of the movement.

After the sale, we will document how every euro will be invested in nature-oriented initiatives.

Thank you in advance for your help.